Logo design

The logo is one of the most important elements of the company’s corporate identity. The logo should include the main idea and concept of the company and be easily remembered. Therefore, to create a logo requires an exclusively professional approach.


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  • Why do you need a logo? 

    A logo is one of the most important elements of the “corporate identity”, the task of which is to distinguish a company or product among its own kind, and create a recognizable image in the eyes of consumers. 

    Not all companies have their own logo, but the company which is focused on the quality and customers love, logo just has to be. Obviously, buyers trust more to the products with a logo. Remember, when the last time you bought something without markings. Most likely, this has not happened for a long time.

  • Creative process

    The first important stage in the design — getting the primary information from the client. This will help you to determine the main task of the project. In a professional language this is called as writing a “brief” — the project’s summary. Before the beginning, try to understand exactly what the customer expects from you. What are his goals? Remember that logo design is not done purely intuitively or blindly.

    Collect the necessary information. For successful work you will need to be well acquainted with the field of activity of the customer. Sources of this information can be books, articles, Internet … and, of course, the customer himself.

  • Logo role 

    In this way, a quality logo is an important component of the image. In addition to all functions, the logo also performs informational and psychological functions. He informs the buyer about the manufacturer who created the product, and develops a positive attitude towards the company. A successful logo in a short time will be able to increase the efficiency of advertising and improve the company’s image on the market.

Этапы реализации

Studying of customer`s needs
Work on the logo begins with the study of the company (site), its activities, distinctive features, market position, etc. It is necessary to make the complete study.
Creation of sketches
When all the necessary information has been collected, the development of a logo concept begins. This will be a symbol or combination of images and company names.
Preliminary discussion and correction
It is necessary to check the test sketches of the logo (for compliance with the specifics and activities of the customer, for interaction with the audience, accessibility to understanding, uniqueness).
Presentation of finished product
After the final elimination of errors, the created logo is ready for legal registration and full use by the owner.


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